Juice bottle, with minimalistic design. placed on a divided black and white ground.
Strategy Branding Packaging

Essentially Juices

The nothing but natural juice range needed a versatile product label strategy for their variety of nut milks and juices. By developing an adaptive labelling system, we were able to create a consistent brand aesthetic in English and Arabic for a wide range of products.
Blue candle box package design in blue background
Candle and diffuser branding design in a worm interior environment
Fine fragrances blue collection. Blue label designs with gold foiling.
Premium candle design with gold foiling next to spray with minimalist label design
Close-up candle boxes with minimalist packaging design and gold foiling
Close-up green candle and boxes with minimalist packaging design and gold foiling
Close-up room spray label design with paper texture and gold foiling
Premium cardamom candle design
Bespoke incense box design
Ramadan themed package design
Strong man wearing a branded cap, holding a big block of pure premium ice.
Man holding cap with "Iceman" embroidered on it.
Interior wall illustration of a woman.
The exterior of an ice production factory with a logo sign on top.
Honeycomb stamped pure ice.
Premium ice packaging with minimalist typography.
Whisky with pure stamped ice.
Ice designer customized plate.
Artisan Ice logo in an industrial environment
Hands holding Artisan Ice packaging design.
A big block of premium ice held by an artisan ice tool.
Hipster guy holding a poster roll tube with illustrated sticker, and wearing an illustrated t-shirt.
Premium coffee package design.
Illustrated coffee packaging with a coffeehouse in the background.
Draft coffee tap branding.
Coffee packaging display in a coffee shop environment with stickers.
Pouring milk into the coffee.
Folded T-shirts on top of each other, with design illustrations and typography.
Branded burger box, with illustrations, heed buy a hipster guy.
The coffee machine with clean mugs and glasses on top of it, at Nightjar.
Illustrated wrapping paper with a sandwich on top of it.
Coffee stand with designed and illustrated coffee packaging.
Close-up premium coffee packaging design.
Limited-edition whisky bottle design on a black pedestal.
Limited-edition certificate design with whisky and bottle and the background.
Close-up label design with embossed gold foil.
Premium whisky bottle design with its box design next to it. Glass of whisky in front.
Premium whisky bottle design with gold foiling and illustration.
Whisky box designs with illustration and gold foiling.
The close-up whisky bottle design
Whisky bottle in the dark fog.
Package design for premium truffle products
Close-up photography of Truffle charcuterie on wood
Embossed tile pattern design with truffle elements
Truffle product designs in truffle store
Bespoke label designs for truffle nuts jar
Premium label design for nuts jar with illustrations and foiling. It is placed on a wooden surface with warm light and window shadows.
Truffle products packaging designs. Charcuterie package design placed next to a branded bag design.
Popcorn package design on top of a wooden surface next to jars with high-end label designs.
Close-up truffles with a knife on the background
Juice bottle branding.
Juice bottle design with lemons around it.
Colorful juice bottle designs on a white surface.
Orange juice bottle on a wooden pedestal with a beet juice bottle leaning on it.
Lined up colorful juice bottle designs.
Juice bottle design with lemons around it.
Minimalist-designed juice bottle lined up in perspective.

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